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"Our mission is the promotion and success of American Indians within education."

Thank you to San Diego State University, Office of the President,
for Co-hosting our Event


AIR Programs Annual Awards Banquet 2012
Congratulations to all our 2011-12 Awardees
AIR Programs Banquet, San Diego State University, Almuni Center

Co-Mentor Leadership Honoree
Phillip Espinoza (Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians)
University of California, San Diego, graduate and Mentor / Tutor
Co-Mentor Leadership Honoree
Danielle Chung (Native Hawaiian)
University of San Diego, student and Mentor / Coordinator of Tutorial Program
Co-Student Leadership Honoree
Kiowa Montoya (Taos Pueblo)
Senior: San Dieguito Academy
Co-Student Leadership Honoree
Rachael Venegas (Navajo)
Senior: Diego Hills Charter School

Our Honorees are chosen for their impact they have had on our Native American community, their efforts to succeed through education, and their support towards our AIR Program. We cannot express how proud we are of our selection we have for this year’s honorees, as each of them has a great belief in the hope and potential within our community through education.

Rachael Student Honoree
Danielle Mentor Honoree
Honoree Speech
Sold out Crowd
Honoree Speech
Phillip and Kiowa
Former Student and lecturer
Eleanor Miller
Board Chair Devon Lomayesva
Devon with Student
Larry Banegas
Danielle Chung honoree
Garcia Family and Parent Advocates