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"Our mission is the promotion and success of American Indians within education."


Student Leadership Award 2011:

Congratulations to Katy Davis and Cheyenne Garcia on being honored as AIR Student Leaders Awardees

Co-Student/Leader of the Year
Katy Davis (Omaha/Choctaw)
Senior: All Tribes Charter School
Co-Student/Leader of the Year
Cheyenne Garcia (Cheyenne River Sioux/Tongva, Yaqui, and Mescalero Apache)
Senior: San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts

Both have participated in AIR for more than 2 years and both, in 2012, were accepted to 4 year universities within California.


Student Awardees


Mentor of the Year, 2011:

Congratulations to Whitney Liera from the Cahuilla Band of Indians

Whitney Liera has been chosen as our Mentor of the year for her work within the AIR Program for over the last two years. She is an exceptional person who has volunteered for our program in our AIR Sr. Program and Tutorial program. She will be graduating in 2012 from UCSD and is responsible for helping re-establish our programs at UCSD. We thank her tremendously as she truly cares for others and it is demonstrated in her work within AIR and in her life. Again, Congratulations!!!!!


AIR is Awarded ANA Grant 2011-12

AIR Programs was awarded an Administration for Native Americans Grant for 2011-2012 year. This grant will enable us to develop projects that are designed to assist our students to graduate from high school, have alternative after school activities and prepare and be motivated to pursue higher education. We are honored that ANA has chosen our program to accomplish these objectives and goals.




Published: USD, Michelle Jacob, Ph.D. publishes Research with AIR Program inclusion

Human Rights Pedagogies in the Classroom:
Social Justice, US Indigenous Communities, and CSL Projects

Sylvanna M. Falcón and Michelle M. Jacob
University of California, Santa Cruz and University of San Diego
Received January 2011 Accepted April 2011

We are proud of our ability to partner with so many within our community as many of their contributions have made our program stronger and develop our program to a greater degree. This is no more evident that our partnership with the University of San Diego, Dept. of Ethnic Studies. Truly we have transformed our program greatly with your partnership. Thank you.


Congratulations to Michelle Parada and Brandie Taylor for being named "Local Heroes 2011"

We congratulate Michelle Parada, (Cofounder of the All Tribes Charter School/Teacher), and Brandie Taylor, (Vice Chair of the Ipaay Nation of Santa Ysabel/Warner School Board), for being selected by Union Bank/KPBS “Local Heroes” for 2011. Both have set a higher standard for community service and dedication in helping our Native Community. We are truly are honored that we have partnered with both, within our AIR Program throughout these many years.

Brandie Taylor Michelle Parada

Congratulations to Cheyenne Garcia on being Honored by the City of San Diego, 2011

Congratulations to Cheyenne Garcia on being honored by the City of San Diego during Native American Month for her dedication to community service and education.