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"Our mission is the promotion and success of American Indians within education."


AIR Jr. Spring 2012

This year we undertook the re-establishment of our AIR Jr. Program. Formerly, we have found that many of our native students entering high school have not received the academic information and services that would make our students qualified for the UC and CSU systems. Often, our students failed to have received information on required coursework needed qualify for the UC/CSU systems, not received guidance on financial aid or universities, nor have the support system base that would help them in having the opportunity to pursue higher education.
Along with academic services we aim to give our students the support and guidance to have them (at the very least) prepared to pursuit higher education that those outside our Native community are afforded nearly everyday.
We accomplish this through academic workshops on requirements, tuition and campus life, we accomplish this through creating a native network of peers, through understanding the campus and rigors of college life. We accomplish through friendships of our mentors and our community.
In all we believe in our efforts, as from previous AIR Jr. programs, we have seen our students now preparing to enter some of California's 4 year universities. We look forward to having our students competing with the best within higher education.

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