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"Our mission is the promotion and success of American Indians within education."




AIR Program is Honored with PSA Social Conscience Award

The AIR Program was honored with the Pacific Sociological Association's Social Conscience Award, given to a worthy community-based organization located in the city in which the PSA Annual meeting is held.  The honor is given to a community organization based in San Diego that is engaged in providing a much-needed social service in the community. We thank Dr. Belinda Lum (USD, Dept. of Sociology), Dr. Fritsvold (USD, Dept. of Sociology), and Dr. Reifer (USD, Dept. of Sociology) for their nomination and give special thanks to to the Department of Ethnic Studies at USD and the Department of American Indian Studies at San Diego State University for their support these past few years. This award represents all the work that past and present AIR Program mentors and students have put into our program and we thank and congratulate each and everyone of our participants, its been a great 15 years...(April 9, 2009)

The American Indian Recruitment (AIR) Program has been established with the ideals of promoting higher education in the American Indian community. To successfully achieve such an ideal the AIR Program is dedicated towards offering after-school academic services to American Indian students through supplemental educational instruction through tutoring, mentoring, and various activities designed to achieve success within high school and higher education.

Although American Indians have gained ground in many areas they still remain far behind the rest of American society in pursuing higher education and educational attainment. The AIR Program firmly believes in our mission statement and hopes to bring greater success to those who our disadvantaged within our community.

Special thanks to: Christy Garcia (USD Alumni), Kate Gordon (USD Senior), Roberta Garcia (USD Senior), Anna Procther (SDSU Alumni), Devon Lee Lomayesva (SDSU Alumni, Cal Western School of Law, CILS Exec. Director), Dr. Michelle Jacob (USD, Dept of Ethnic Studies), Dr. Margaret Field (SDSU, Dept. of American Indian Studies), Natalia Orosco (USCD Alumni), Vicki Gambala (SDUSD American Indian Programs)


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