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AIR Schedules

Schedules posted here are both past and present. We have worked hard on developing a quality program that incorporates our AIR Program ideals and mission. We beleive that our programs should be more than a one meeting program where our student participants have the ideal to reinforce what we offer through mulitple sessions. We believe in giving current life experiances through our mentors who are both attending college and presently operating through the system of higher education. We firmly believe in our American Indian Community that has given us what they wanted in a program. Our success is not only ours but our community that we serve. To all those that have been a part of our program, thank you.

AIR Programs 2012

Our AIR Sr. Project is an academic based after-school programs for 8th through 12th grade American Indian Student. Our Program has partnered with the University of San Diego, San Diego State University, Palomar College, and California State University San Marcos to bring a more diverse program with greater opportunities for each of our student participants. We like to thank all of those student and community participants, as this had been one of our most successful years.

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