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"Our mission is the promotion and success of American Indians within education."


SMASIC Awarded 2009

Congratulations to Rose Vasquez on being Awarded a Competitive 
"Save Me A Spot In College" Scholarship!

The "Save Me a Spot in College" Youth Scholarship Contest provides Middle and High School students with an opportunity to learn about college, promote the value of college participation, and ensure that California provides a spot for every student who seeks it.

Scholarship goals include:

  • Increase awareness about college going and get students to think concretely about their future as it relates to higher education,
  • Encourage young people to actively advocate for access to higher education by raising awareness within their communities and by putting pressure on elected officials to help solve the problem, 
  • To assist in funding the college education of hundreds of students across the state
  • Support teachers, schools, and youth serving organizations to continue their work in building a college going culture and preparing their students for a future in higher education.

This year more than 14,000 entries were received and there were only 250 winners! Congratulations to Rose for such a great accomplishment.


Rose in Summer P

Rose in Sacramento


AIR Student Achievement Winners 2009

AIR Program's Student Award Recipients for 2009 are: Monique Vasquez, Chandler Hood, and Rose Vasquez. Our “Student(s) of the Year” are chosen from our pool of students who have participated within our program for one year or more, in good academic standing and have the dedication in pursuing higher education. All three of our selected students have been in our program for three years or more and are current Seniors in which they are preparing to apply for college and/or a 4 year university.

From the beginning Chandler Hood (Navajo) has been on target to attend a 4 year institution from high school and is an academically outstanding student within his school. His success in academics is secondary to his dedication to his own self-identity as an American Indian. Truly, his interest within our program was more towards the cultural identity aspects that is embedded within our program. Interest for our overall American Indian community is primary and it is that desire of being part of our community when there are other opportunities for him that has made him special to our program. Mr. Chandler Hood is a remarkable man and we are certain we will look towards him as a leader within our community.

Rose Vasquez (Kumeyaay-Santa Ysabel) is another remarkable person who is academically successful where she too will apply to a 4 year institution from high school. In stating this, each person that can apply must have a 3.0 or better. Again, this is only part of the reason why we have selected Rose as an award recipient. Rose has dedicated herself to success in school, our program, and in life to being the best as she can be given any circumstance. She cares for her community and volunteers when needed to help those who are not capable in helping themselves. Such tasks can be great or as small as setting up chairs for community meetings but it is her community spirit that serves her and our community greatly.

Our final reciepient for “Student of the Year” is Monique Vasquez (Mojave). Monique attends All Tribes American Indian Charter School were she has excelled as a student. She has been part of the AIR Program for the last 4 years and her desire to teach in an elementary school guides her choice to pursue higher education. We have chosen Monique for such a special reason and that is her determination to succeed. So many times she has been set back but she challenges herself to move forward and succeed and such determination will guide her to a great future.

All three of our students have unique qualities, along with their good academic standings, making them special and deserved of being students of the year within our AIR Program. Congratulations to all three of you as we will look to you to guide our Tribal Nations in a great and fantastic future.


Award Recipients

Chandler Hood