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Thanking Michelle Jacob, Ph.D. for all her work in Indian Country and her work with our AIR Program. We wish you the best!!!


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Indian Country:

California remains a battleground for Indian Child Welfare Act

The promise of the Indian Child Welfare Act continues to go unrealized in California, a panel of tribal leaders has concluded.
When the law was passed in 1978, Indian children were disproportionately represented in the child welfare and foster care system. They were more likely to be placed in non-Indian homes, a situation that Congress hoped to address with ICWA.
Nearly four decades later, tribal leaders have produced a detailed report that shows how little has changed. Failures to notify tribes, lack of funding and inadequate social services have prevented the state from ensuring that Indian children stay connected to their communities, according to theICWA Compliance Task Force.
“The safety net created 40 years ago by ICWA to protect our most vulnerable children in Indian Country is not working in California,” Mary Ann Andreas, the vice chair of the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and a co-chair of the task force, said in a press release. “While some progress has been made over the past four decades, the overall effort has failed to meet the mandates of federal and state law and, as a result, tribal children, their families and their tribes have paid a terrible price.”
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Trump's Hatred Cannot Be Sustained
By Doug George-Kanentiio

The recently concluded Republican convention in which Donald Trump was nominated as its candidate for president was remarkable for its anger, its animosity and outright hatred directed towards former US senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
There was not even the slightest effort to appeal to the generosity and compassion which have long been a part of the American spirit whether expressed in the Marshall Plan after World War II or the idealism and hope in programs such as the Peace Corps.
The Republican delegates not only called for Ms. Clinton's arrest but went as far as accusing her of treason and a demand for her to be executed upon conviction.
Speaker as speaker attacked her as a woman, a former senator, as Secretary of State and as the spouse of former president Bill Clinton. Their passion was heated as they blamed her for every instance of confrontation and violence in the world during her tenure as the nation's director of foreign affairs. From Libya to Syria it was all Ms. Clinton's fault.
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Police and Race: The Research Is Done, We See the Symptoms Every Day
Alex Jacobs - 7/24/16

Right now the police and politicians can openly admit there’s a problem in this country over policing and race. And of all cities for this happen to, Dallas was actually doing something about it. There’s no argument to defend the targeting and killing of any police officers, just as there was nothing to justify the taking of the lives of these black men. The police justify by saying they feared for their lives but they take immediate action to judge, shoot and kill the person they are struggling with or confronting. That is the political fault line and most everyone from both sides is trying to say the proper things.
But why is it “both sides” when there should only be one community and aren’t those charged with protecting it part of the community? Perhaps the “other side” are those who never seem to interact with police as targeted or profiled suspects. Paid-for politicians pass bad laws and the police have to enforce “lawful orders” that may not be moral, ethical or even legal. Funding cutbacks in all areas of social welfare, community protection, education and human services provide the tinder for the fires called poverty and repression.
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Donald Trump closes Republican convention that left out Indian Country
FRIDAY, JULY 22, 2016

Tribes sent representatives and some tribal citizens were there too but Indian Country was missing from the big picture as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump accepted his party's nomination on Thursday.
The real estate mogul delivered one of the longest acceptance speeches in history and touched on familiar themes of immigration, free trade and law and order. He also broached some surprising topics -- he vowed to "protect our LGBTQ citizens" although he said it was to protect them from "Islamic" terrorism.
Otherwise, there was little directed at Indian Country's interests. Trump avoided talking about the environment and climate change and only made a brief mention about increasing energy production, an issue high on the agenda for tribes and tribal activists.
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Fake Courts for Real Learning with Morongo Tribe
ICTMN Staff - 12/23/15

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians remains a strong advocate for education, according to tribal chairman Robert Martin. That devotion could be seen in the moot court competition held at the Morongo Tribal Administrative Center on December 5.
American Indian students from Southern and Central California participated in UCLA Law School’s competition, during which they learned about the legal system and earned college credits.
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ANA is pleased to anounce the inclusion of AIR's Pride for Life Project within "Fiscal Year 2008 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects" and the inclusion of AIR's Voices of Tomorrow Project within "Fiscal Year 2009 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects"

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USD Baseball


Toreros Thump Zags in Season Finale, 10-4
USD avoided a sweep and finish season 27-29 overall.

May 21, 2016

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – The University of San Diego baseball team picked up a 10-4 win over to league-leading Gonzaga University Saturday evening in a West Coast Conference game at Fowler Park.
With the win, the Toreros finish the season with a 27-29 overall record, and a 13-14 mark in the WCC. With the loss, the Zags fall to 33-18 overall, move to 18-9 in the WCC, and have claimed a share of the WCC Championship.
The Toreros got on the scoreboard first, as they scored two runs on four hits in the bottom of the first inning. Bryson Brigman got things started with a one-out single, and he moved to third on a Ryan Kirby double to right field.
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UCLA Baseball:

UCLA Baseball Faces ASU in Season's Final Home Series
By orlandobruin on May 20, 2016, 3:05p

The UCLA Bruin baseball team (24-26, 11-13 PAC 12) closes out its home schedule this weekend with a visit from the Arizona State Sun Devils (31-18, 13-11 PAC 12). For all intents and purposes, UCLA is likely eliminated from post-season contention.
The Bruins currently sit in a four-way tie for 7th place in the PAC 12, but UCLA has a worse overall record than any of the other three teams with whom they are tied, essentially putting the Bruins in 10th place in the PAC 12.
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