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Inside the Dirty-Tricks Playbook of Jack Abramoff
Gabriel S. Galanda - 10/20/14

"We do a recall, election and take over. Let's discuss." –Jack Abramoff, February 14, 2002
In professional sports “the playbook is a sacred hardbound diary of trust. It's an accumulation of decades' worth of knowledge, tweaked and perfected, sectioned off by scribbles and colored tabs.”
Looming large in Indian Country right now, there’s another kind of playbook; a dark one. The plays were originally designed by Jack Abramoff during his infamous stint at Ysleta Del Sur, Coushatta and Saginaw Chippewa. For the last two decades, Casino Jack’s playbook has been enhanced with the knowledge of other lawyers, lobbyists and executives, especially those in the Indian gaming industry. Even Native lawyers are now picking up and deploying the playbook.
The plays are shrewdly designed to divide and conquer Tribal Councils and communities from within, while federal trustees stand on the sidelines. The first few plays are as scripted as an NFL team’s opening drive.

Play 1—Create a Tribal Leadership Dispute.
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Violence against women on rise
By Karin Eagle
Native Sun News Staff Writer

RAPID CITY –– Native American women are facing the greatest threat to their lives since the pre-reservation era. Women residing on Indian reservations suffer domestic violence and physical assault at rates far exceeding women of other ethnicities.
National annual incidence rates and lifetime prevalence rates for physical assaults are also higher for Native women compared to other women. In a 2008 CDC study, 39% of Native women surveyed identified as victims of intimate partner violence in their lifetime, a rate higher than any other race or ethnicity surveyed.
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Nunavut justice system 'failing children and youth': Inuit group
Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. says the territory's crime rate has more than doubled since 1999
CBC News Posted: Oct 23, 2014 7:38 PM CT Last Updated: Oct 24, 2014 6:15 AM CT

A group in Nunavut says the territory is the most under-served region in the country when it comes to dealing with mental-health issues and the effects that has on the justice system.
The new report, which is based on the Inuit Health Survey was tabled in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Thursday by Nunavut Tunngavik Inc. (NTI).
It says:
Nunavut's crime rate has more than doubled between 1999 and 2012, while Canada's national rate has declined.
40 percent of Inuit adults living in Nunavut have experienced severe sexual abuse as children. That includes 1 in 2 Inuit women.
Group calls for 'screening program'
The report, which looks at three areas of Nunavut's justice system — community justice, family violence and the relationship between mental health and the criminal justice system — says the system has "failed children and youth."
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Eastern Cherokee Band Forbids Fracking on Its Sovereign Lands
ICTMN Staff - 10/20/14

Invoking tribal health and cultural survival, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians has declared a ban on fracking on its sovereign land in what is today North Carolina.
“The Eastern Band of Cherokees will not permit or authorize any person, corporation or other legal entity to engage in hydraulic fracturing on Tribal trust lands,” reads part of the text of a resolution passed unanimously by the Tribal Council last month and signed into law by Principal Chief Mitchell Hicks on September 10. “The State of North Carolina is without legal authority to permit hydraulic fracturing on Tribal trust lands.”
Tribal officials cited the importance to preservation of the woodland habitats that are the underpinning of tribal health and culture.
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USD Football


Toreros hold off Butler 27-21 for fourth straight win
Oct. 18, 2014

(Indianapolis, IN) - The USD Toreros won their fourth straight game as they earned a hard-fought 27-21 win over the host Butler Bulldogs (3-4; 1-3 PFL). The win improves USD's season mark to 5-1, and moves their PFL record to 3-1. USD returns to Walter J. Zable Field at Torero Stadium on Saturday, October 25th, when they host the Dayton Flyers in a 6:00 pm contest.
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UCLA Football:

FINAL: Cal football can’t muster late magic, loses 36-34 to UCLA
By Mike Vernon on October 18, 2014 4:21 PM

One week after scoring just seven points at Washington and playing themselves out of the game by halftime, the Bears were back in a close one.
This time, Cal had no late magic. Quarterback Jared Goff lobbed a pass intended for Kenny Lawler with the Bears in the game’s final minute. Only UCLA defensive back Marcus Rios came down with the ball in front of the 49,257 fans at Memorial Stadium.
UCLA 36, Cal 34.
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