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News for Students - (Monday Morning):
A Major Court Case in Indian Country

Pascua Yaqui Begins Prosecuting Non-Natives Under VAWA
By  Carrie Jung - March 31, 2014

The Pascua Yaqui tribe in southern Arizona is beginning to prosecute non-Native Americans for domestic violence and sexual assault offenses committed on tribal lands. They are the first tribe in the nation to do so.
The ability to prosecute these offenders was granted to tribes just over a year ago when the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, or VAWA, was signed into law. The legislation included a provision that gave tribes the authority to prosecute non-Native Americans for these crimes.
Pascua Yaqui Attorney General Amanda Lomayesva said the move sends a positive message to Native American women.
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Supreme Court

Mark David OLIPHANT and Daniel B. Belgarde, Petitioners, v. The SUQUAMISH INDIAN TRIBE et al.
No. 76-5729.
435 U.S. 191 (98 S.Ct. 1011, 55 L.Ed.2d 209)

Argued: Jan. 9, 1978.   Decided: March 6, 1978.*
opinion, REHNQUIST   dissent, MARSHALL
Syllabus by the Court
Indian tribal courts do not have inherent criminal jurisdiction to try and to punish non-Indians, and hence may not assume such jurisdiction unless specifically authorized to do so by Congress. Pp. 195-212.
(a) From the earliest treaties with Indian tribes, it was assumed that the tribes, few of which maintained any semblance of a formal court system, did not have such jurisdiction absent a congressional statute or treaty provision to that effect, and at least one court held that such jurisdiction did not exist. Pp. 196-201.
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Non-Indians and Tribal Criminal Jurisdiction
Duane Champagne - 12/23/12

According to current U.S. legal interpretations, non-Indian U.S. citizens are not subject to tribal criminal jurisdiction. A critical well-known case is where the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the non-Indian defendant Mark Oliphant could not be prosecuted under tribal court jurisdiction. The tribal court assumed jurisdiction of Oliphant because his crimes were committed within the territorial limits of the reservation. Oliphant was charged with drunken disorderly conduct during an annual ceremonial gathering of the Suquamish Tribe.
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What Is Good Native Governance?
Dina Gilio-Whitaker - 4/9/14

Every few decades it seems that Indian country has new concepts that it adopts that become the backbone for how we talk about ourselves. Those concepts usually seem to be about how we frame our relationships as Indian people to the dominant society, or more specifically to the federal government. They often mirror whatever the current policy regime happens to be. For the last 40 years we have spoken in terms of self-determination and sovereignty. Now “good governance” seems to be our new buzzwords.
A few weeks ago I attended a conference on that very topic at a prominent law school. It was organized by some prominent Native law scholars and academics, people highly regarded for their brilliant work in the fields of Indian law and Native American studies. Sadly, the conference was only one day long and could easily have filled two or three days with presentations. The presenter list read like a who’s who of people that have written influential policy papers, law articles, and books on topics related to tribal governance.
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Disappointing ACT Scores: The Need for More Indian Professionals
Dr. Dean Chavers - 4/13/14

For years I have tried to find data on Indian students—college preparation, high school completion rates, college entrance rates, college pre-test scores (ACT and SAT), college dropout rates, and college completion rates. I have also tried to find information on the fields that Indian students majored in.
Most of the time, that data is not available. I have often had to collect my own data. The feds and the states say the Indian sample is too few to bother with. How can four million Indians not be enough to count? The U. S. Education Department said this less than five years ago.
The American College Testing (ACT) recently came out with its first-ever report on the academic preparation of Indian students for college study. It is called “The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013: American Indian Students.” They report, “Within subjects, ACT has found that students who take the recommended core curriculum are more likely to be ready for college or career than those who do not.”
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UCLA Basketball


Gators win their 29th straight, down UCLA 79-68
AP Sports Writer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) The Florida Gators are back where their last three seasons have ended with yet another chance to go to the Final Four.
Being in the Elite Eight again, though, simply isn't enough.
Michael Frazier II hit five 3-pointers and finished with 19 points as the Gators beat UCLA 79-68 Thursday night to reach its fourth consecutive NCAA regional final.
''We just talked about it, and it's not enough for us,'' Florida senior Will Yeguete said. ''We have two days to get ready for a good team, and we're just going to go for it on Saturday.''
The Gators (35-2) also extended the best winning streak in school history to 29 straight in reaching the South Regional final.
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