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AIR Newsletter with our 2020 Student Leadership Awardees
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AIR Student 20 Awardess

AIR Awards /Fundrasier Banquet 2020

Today we are pleased to anounce our Student Leadership Honorees for 2020:

Eshash Morales (San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians)
Karli Martinez (San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians)
Temyal Lomayesva (Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel)
Eric Chang (Cherokee/Delaware Tribe)

Their dedication to community, academics and their pursuit to serve as a peer to others has made these Native Students our honorees. Please join us as we honor our Native Youth at our Annual Awards and Fundraiser-Your support assists us in providing scholarships and helping our Native Youth succeed in academics.
Date: November 19th, 2020
Location: UCSD / Virtual

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News for Students - (Friday Morning):

Covid-19 Updates:
Indian Country:

The Native Vote Is Crucial This Election—and Under Threat
Despite years of suppression efforts by Republicans, Native voters are a critical bloc in several swing states in 2020.

Speaking with The Washington Post for a cringe-inducing piece about the influx of people moving to Montana, Candace Carr Strauss, the CEO of the Big Sky Chamber of Commerce, offered a potential selling point: “We are 98 percent Caucasian,” she told the paper. “We haven’t, thankfully, seen a lot of the unrest other places have seen.”
Carr Strauss’s claim is wrong—as the Post notes, the last census marked the state as 89 percent white—but the idea of certain places being havens for whiteness often has very little to do with actual numbers. Seven percent of the state population identifies as Native American, which also isn’t some well-kept secret. The flags of the eight sovereign Indigenous nations whose lands fall within Montana’s boundaries fly directly in front of the state capitol. Contrary to popular belief and the stuff of white fantasy, Native people have not disappeared from the planet—or electoral politics.

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'Indigenous Peoples Day' Booed at Michigan Rally for Donald Trump

Speaking Saturday at his Muskegon, Michigan rally, President Donald Trump spurred the crowd to boo the idea of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.
"So last week, Biden attacked Christopher Columbus by refusing to recognize Columbus Day. And he wants to change the name of Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day. Who likes that idea?" Donald Trump asked the crowd, who responded by loudly booing.

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‘Forgotten no more!’: Trump team puts Native people last on important call
Wednesday, October 21, 2020
By Acee Agoyo / Indianz.Com

Just days after their boss bashed Indigenous Peoples Day and got his supporters to boo the idea, members of the Donald Trump administration tried their best to portray the president as someone who cares about the interests of America’s “first” inhabitants.
During a conference call on Tuesday afternoon, several Trump political appointees announced the Putting America’s First Peoples plan. The three-page document marks the first time since the president took office almost four years ago that he has laid out any sort of Indian Country policy.
“President Trump is committed to honoring the heritage of America’s first inhabitants and partnering with Native Americans to build a brighter future,” reads the short plan, whose subtitle is an emphatic “Forgotten No More!”

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Fake Courts for Real Learning with Morongo Tribe
ICTMN Staff - 12/23/15

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians remains a strong advocate for education, according to tribal chairman Robert Martin. That devotion could be seen in the moot court competition held at the Morongo Tribal Administrative Center on December 5.
American Indian students from Southern and Central California participated in UCLA Law School’s competition, during which they learned about the legal system and earned college credits.
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ANA is pleased to anounce the inclusion of AIR's Pride for Life Project within "Fiscal Year 2008 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects" and the inclusion of AIR's Voices of Tomorrow Project within "Fiscal Year 2009 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects"

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