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Student Awardees for 2016-17

Student Leadership Awardee Kiara Balcone (Mesa Grande Band of Mission Indians)
Student Leadership Awardee Natalie Chang (Delaware Tribe of Indians/Cherokee) 
Student Leadership Awardee Laura Abrishamkar (Delaware Tribe of Indians/Cherokee) 
Student Leadership Awardee Priscilla Ortiz
(Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians/Iipay Nation of Santa Ysable)
Student Leadership Awardee Anthony Hurtado
(Rincon Band of Luiseno Indians / Tohono O'odham Nation)

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Indian Country:

Here we go again: The congressional attack on health care, higher education
By Mark Trahant
Trahant Reports / #IndigenousNewsWire #NativeVote18

Here we go again. The Congress is hell bent on wrecking the Affordable Care Act.
This time the mechanism is the so-called tax reform bill that will be voted in the U.S. Senate. The logic is rich (and, yes, “rich” is absolutely the right word and sentiment) because this tax cut will wreck the individual health insurance market so that the rich will pay less in taxes. But the problem gets at the core of insurance itself. How do you make sure there is a large enough pool to cover high cost patients? The Affordable Care Act did this by requiring everyone to buy health insurance or pay a penalty. Without that provision people who are healthy are free to skip out. But sick people always want coverage. And that creates an imbalance that does not work.
Senate Republicans added the provision because it saves money, some $338 billion according to the Congressional Budget Office. It estimates 13 million people will drop health insurance.
“We’re optimistic that inserting the individual mandate repeal would be helpful,” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday.

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Senior Trump administration official resigns after scrutiny of Indian loan program
Posted: Tuesday, November 14, 2017 

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has seen its first casualty of the Trump era with the resignation of a senior official whose connection to a failed loan generated unwanted attention.
Gavin Clarkson, a citizen of the Choctaw Nation, joined the Trump team in June, boasting of a wealth of experience in economic development and financial matters. But he is stepping down before the end of the month amid renewed scrutiny of the $22.5 million deal.
The Department of the Interior, however, is declining to discuss the situation at this point.
"The department cannot comment on personnel matters," a spokesperson said on Tuesday morning after an inquiry was sent late in the evening on Monday. Clarkson did not respond to an email sent on Monday evening either.
A spokesperson for the BIA, where Clarkson served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Economic Development, also offered no new information about his status on Tuesday, a day after an internal report exposed problems with the agency's lending practices.

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Native WOmen

For Native Americans Facing Sexual Assault, Justice Feels Out Of Reach
November 14, 20175:00 AM ET
Heard on Morning Edition

One morning earlier this year, Northern Arapaho member Rose was sitting at the table with her 14-year-old daughter, Latoya.
"I told her to move her hair because she had her hair like this," said Rose, showing how Latoya pulled her hair over to hide her neck and cheek. "Because I noticed something ... she had marks, hickeys, just completely covering her, even almost on her face."
That's when Latoya told her mother that she had been forcibly kissed by a woman from another reservation who was six years older. (NPR is using only their middle names because they fear retaliation.)
"At that moment, I saw me in her," Rose said. She took a deep breath and this time there were tears in her voice. "And there was just nothing I could do for her except let her know, it's not your fault; it's OK; I'll protect you."
Rose wanted more than anything to protect her daughter because when she herself was 6, she too was molested by an older girl. Studies show that 1 in 3 Native American women is sexually assaulted in her life. But Rose wanted to stop that cycle of abuse.

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Government’s own report says climate change is getting worse …
Yet it’s taxes that are on Congress’ mind 
By Mark Trahant

Two serious debates in Washington right now: Climate change and taxes. These are connected. And the decisions made over the next few days and weeks will impact you and your children’s future.
The federal government is required by law to publish a climate assessment. The report is out and it’s troubling. “Climate change, once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present. Corn producers in Iowa, oyster growers in Washington State, and maple syrup producers in Vermont are all observing climate-related changes that are outside of recent experience. So, too, are coastal planners in Florida, water managers in the arid Southwest, city dwellers from Phoenix to New York, and Native Peoples on tribal lands from Louisiana to Alaska.”
The National Climate Assessment concludes that the evidence of human-induced climate change continues to strengthen and that impacts are increasing across the country.

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Fake Courts for Real Learning with Morongo Tribe
ICTMN Staff - 12/23/15

The Morongo Band of Mission Indians remains a strong advocate for education, according to tribal chairman Robert Martin. That devotion could be seen in the moot court competition held at the Morongo Tribal Administrative Center on December 5.
American Indian students from Southern and Central California participated in UCLA Law School’s competition, during which they learned about the legal system and earned college credits.
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ANA is pleased to anounce the inclusion of AIR's Pride for Life Project within "Fiscal Year 2008 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects" and the inclusion of AIR's Voices of Tomorrow Project within "Fiscal Year 2009 Report to Congress on Impact and Effectiveness of Administration for Native American Projects"

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USD Football


Toreros win PFL Championship with 63-7 win over Davidson
Toreros close out regular-season on Nov.18th against Marist College

DAVIDSON, NC - The Toreros won the 2017 PFL Championship outright with today'S 63-7 win over Davidson College. USD (8-2, 7-0 PFL) will close out the regular-season next Saturday with Senior Day against the Marist Red Foxes at 2:00 pm. San Diego also earns the league's automatic qualification (AQ), and is the first team to do so for the 2017 NCAA FCS Playoffs. This also is USD's 20th straight PFL victory.
"Our goal every year is to win the PFL Championship and earn a trip to the playoffs," said fifth year head coach Dale Lindsey. "Going into the season we knew we had a lot of new pieces to make that happen again. We had great leadership from our seniors throughout the season and had a core group of freshman that played a key role in our success. I couldn't be happier for our players, coaching staff and school that we are heading back to the playoffs."
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UCLA Basketball:

3 UCLA basketball players arrested in China arrive back in US
By Jason Hanna, Wayne Sterling and Joshua Berlinger, CNN
Updated 9:17 PM ET, Tue November 14, 2017

(CNN)Three UCLA basketball players accused of shoplifting in China last week returned to Los Angeles on Tuesday.
Video showed the three freshmen greeted by a media scrum as they walked out of a Los Angeles International Airport terminal about 6 p.m. (9 p.m. ET).
US President Donald Trump earlier said he asked his Chinese counterpart to help in the case.
LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley and Jalen Hill were allowed to leave after the situation was "resolved to the satisfaction of the Chinese authorities," said Larry Scott, commissioner of the Pacific-12 athletic conference, of which UCLA is a member.
"We are all very pleased that these young men have been allowed to return home to their families and university," Scott said in a news release
The three were arrested last week while their team was in the city of Hangzhou ahead of the squad's season opener in Shanghai.
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